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  1. Recycling Stats for 2013

    November 20, 2014 by Complete Sanitation

    We have confirmed all of our tonnage statistics for Waste and Recycling collection for the 2013 Calendar year. 2013 was another great year for Complete Sanitation, we increased our full time staff from 17 to 20 full-time full benefit employees and started the process of applying for our own Transfer Station right in Plano, IL. We have since been permitted to open our own transfer station in Plano that should be operational by June 1, 2015.

    In 2012, Complete Sanitation collected 32,740,000 total pounds of waste and we were able to recycle 32.63% of that waste (That is 10,683,062 pounds) in the form of Compost, Co-Mingled Recyclables, E-Waste/White Good/Appliances, and Construction Debris.

    Every year we try to increase our recycling rate as our duty to our environment as well to try to keep costs down for our customers. We were able to succeed in doing both again last year. As of January 1, 2014 Complete Sanitation now provides weekly waste and recycling services to over 13,000 homes and to over 1,000 businesses in the Fox Valley area. With an increase in customers there is an increase in the volume of waste to be picked up, but also an opportunity to increase the % of the waste we collect to be recycled.

    In 2013 we were able to up our diversion rate (The percentage of material we can divert from being landfilled) to 34.17%, up from 32.63% in 2012.

    Here is the Breakdown of Complete Sanitation’s Diversion for 2013 (In Pounds):

    Total Waste Collected: 38,305,800
    Co-Mingled Recycle Diverted: 10,424,900
    Compost/Yard Waste Diverted: 1,750,290
    E-Waste/White Goods Diverted: 915,200

    Total Waste to be Landfilled: 25,215,410

    We have worked diligently to streamline our operations and properly educate our customers to once again surpass our goals. We take great pride in our responsibility to help protect our environment and thank our customers and communities for allowing our company to grow and be successful over the past 7 years. We look forward to another great year.

    Shawn McDowell, CEO

  2. Recycling Stats for 2012

    March 1, 2013 by Complete Sanitation

    We have confirmed all of our tonnage and recycling stats for the year of 2012 and we have blown our previous goals out of the water.  2012 was a great year for Complete Sanitation.  We increased our fleet from 6 trucks to 11 and our workforce from 11 employees to 17.  We were able to add a company funded IRA for all employees (We have 100% participation) and transform our company technologically.  We added industry specific software, revamped our website, and enabled on-line bill pay.

    With all of this growth there was a lot more waste and recycling to be collected.  In 2011, we collected 21,600,000 pounds of waste and recycling.  In 2012 we increased that 51.48% and collected 32,740,000 pounds of waste and recycling.  In 2011 we had a diversion rate (The percentage of all the things that we collect that we avoid putting into a landfill) of 24.7%, meaning that 24.7% of all of the things we collected were recycled in some capactity: Either as Co-mingled recyclables, Compost, or E-Waste/White Good/ Appliance Recycling.  At the beginning of 2012 I was shooting for a diversion rate of 27%, WE ENDED UP DIVERTING 32.63% OF THE WASTE WE COLLECTED FROM LANDFILLS.

    Here is a breakdown of Complete Sanitation’s Diversion for 2012 (In Pounds):

    Total Waste Collected:                                  32,740,000

    Co-Mingled Recycle Diverted:                       8,545,000

    Compost/Yard Waste Diverted:                     1,423,000

    E-Waste/White Goods Diverted:                    715,000

    Total MSW to be Landfilled/Incinerated:        22,057,000

    We have worked very dilligently to streamline our operations and properly educate our customers in order to surpass our goals.  We take great pride in our responsibility to help protect our enviroment and thank our customers and communitees for allowing our company to prosper over the past 6 years.  I am shooting for 35% for 2013, and we are on pace for that number through January and February.  We look forward to another great year.

    Shawn McDowell, CEO


  3. Online Bill Pay is Up and Running

    January 29, 2013 by Complete Sanitation

    Feel free to now pay your bills on-line @ This is a free service and available to all customers. Leave us feedback on how well it functions.
    Thank you.

    Shawn McDowell, CEO

  4. Hello 2013

    January 2, 2013 by Complete Sanitation

    2012 was a great year for Complete Sanitation.  We used strategic marketing and sales to increase our customer base and revenue within our existing service area by 20%.  Above and beyond our organic growth on January 1st 2012 we started our new 6-year contract with the City of Plano, IL for waste and recycling service for the 3,400+ homes in the community.  In early December we were awarded a similar contract for 4 years with the Village of Sheridan, IL that will go into effect February 1st, 2013.

    Heading into 2013 we are currently providing weekly waste and recyling services to more than 9,500 homes and providing waste and recycling services to more than 700 businesses that are serviced from every other week to everyday.

    We are competing in an ever changing market with various sized companies.  Our dedication to excellent service  and streamline operations have been a great advantage to us as our business costs continue to rise as a result of this turbulant economy.  We are very dedicated to providing flat rate up front pricing to our customers while the competition relies on hidden fees and surcharges to make their goal.  We have an extremely dedicated and professional staff of 16 local people that work together to make our brand successful.

    As we continue to evolve as a company changes are necessary.  We have recently made a 20k plus investment in new industry specific software and will have our on-line bill pay system operational by mid January.  Complete Sanitation initiated a company funded IRA for all employees in February 2012 and all employess are enrolled.  We have zero turnover within our staff and that has been a combination of providing a great work environment for all as well as having dedicated properly trained staff.

    I hope 2013 will continue to bring prosperity to our company, our employees, and the communities that allow us to provide them with the best service in the area.


    Shawn P. McDowell

  5. Climbing The Ladder

    June 23, 2012 by Complete Sanitation

    In order to get our company started, I convinced my partner Pat not to retire and to give us the chance to provide our services to our customers by ourselves as opposed to doing so through a corporation with no local presence.   My leg up on the conversation was the fact that Pat is my Dad and I had worked for him in some capacity since I had been 14 years old.  At 26 I had nothing to lose, except for a 70k a year sales job with a great family owned company.  Pat had nothing to lose except for money and a chip on his shoulder from being scorned after 34 + years of service to the corporate animal that promised a comfortable retirement.  We decided to start Complete Sanitation LLC and focus on doing the things that the corporations got away from and were able to offer monetary savings by operating streamline.

    We borrowed money to buy our first truck and decided to focus on a line of business that would be able to cash flow our long term goal, Mr. and Mrs. Next Door Neighbor.  The truth of the matter is that our competition in the area has had no business competition in a long time and does not regulate their own pricing, instead they punished their faithful customers by raising prices on average 10% per year to cover country wide deficits.  The longer you were a customer and the more loyal you were to them, they punished you.  We found circumstances in which an elderly woman who put out one bag every other week was paying $175 for three months of weekly service, while a family of 7 who put out 7-8 trash cans every week was paying $47 for three months of weekly service.  We decided we have to put a stop to this.

    We offered flat rate weekly service to all households within our service area (No fuel, environmental, or recovery fees) and had a great response.  4 years later we now service more than 9,000 homes on a weekly basis and service more than 800 businesses from every other week to everyday.  We have had to raise our prices over the four years we have been in business, but based upon our feedback from our loyal customer base, we have saved them an average of $106 per year.  Here is our growth pattern:

    2008: 1,920 homes and 150 businesses serviced, 324k in gross revenue.

    2009: 3,250 homes and 320 businesses serviced, 875k in gross revenue.

    2010: 4,110 homes and 425 businesses serviced, 1.24m in gross revenue.

    2011:  5,270 homes and 539 business serviced, 1.82m in gross revenue.

    2012:  YTD 9,110 homes and 805 businesses serviced, projected to 2.97m in gross revenue.

    As of today, we have created and maintain 16 full time careers in Plano with full medical and dental benefits with a company funded IRA that averages 59,000 per year in salary.  We have been able to do so by focusing on employing great local people who have a vested interest in the communities we service and reinvesting up to 90% of our gross monthly income back into our communities by patronizing other local businesses and supporting local non-profits and charities.  I will brag for one sentence, WE HAVE HAD ONE SICK DAY USED IN THE PAST THREE YEARS BY OUR EMPLOYEES.  Thank you to our customers for providing our vision a chance to succeed, Thank you to the communities we service for allowing us to provide the best service in the industry, and thank you to my Dad for having the faith in me to materialize our values on our employees and our company.  We look forward to many more great years of service in the greater Fox Valley Area.

    Shawn McDowell, CEO


  6. Recycling Stats for 2011

    April 25, 2012 by Complete Sanitation

    Hello all, we have confirmed all of our diversion rates for the 2011 calendar year and they look pretty good.  Complete Sanitation processed a total of 21,600,000 pounds of non hazardous waste during 2011.  Our commingled recycle program diverted 4,704,000 pounds of waste from landfills and was processed at Resource Management to be reissued in secondary markets as reusable products.  565,000 pounds of the gross total was also diverted in the form of compostable material, i.e. landscape waste and food waste that was 100% composted at Compost Supply Inc. and sold to consumers and local farmers as fertilizer.  68,000 pounds was diverted from landfills in the form of white good and metal recycling that was sold to local metal recyclers to be melted back into raw steel to be re-manufactured.  All in all we diverted a total of 5,337,000 pounds of non-hazardous waste from being landfilled, equaling a 24.7 % diversion rate of the gross volume we collected.  We are very happy with these totals and give a lot of credit to our customers for participating whenever possible as well as our staff for helping to properly educate our customer base on how to increase our diversion rate.  We are shooting for a 27% diversion rate for the 2012 calendar year and feel that it is a reasonable goal, not only will we be diverting our waste from being landfilled, we will be able to keep the costs of waste hauling down for our loyal customer base.  Check out our services section for all of the materials that we recycle for residential and commercial waste pickup.  Thank You, Shawn McDowell CEO.

  7. Welcome to Our New Website

    March 28, 2012 by Complete Sanitation

    I hope our customers enjoy our new website, designed our new site and has been great to work with. I will post here as frequently as I can for updates on E-waste/ Yard Waste/ and Recycling options. We will have our online bill payment system set up some time in April and look forward to continuing to providing the best service in the area. Thank you, Shawn McDowell CEO.



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