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Recycling Stats for 2011

April 25, 2012 by Complete Sanitation

Hello all, we have confirmed all of our diversion rates for the 2011 calendar year and they look pretty good.  Complete Sanitation processed a total of 21,600,000 pounds of non hazardous waste during 2011.  Our commingled recycle program diverted 4,704,000 pounds of waste from landfills and was processed at Resource Management to be reissued in secondary markets as reusable products.  565,000 pounds of the gross total was also diverted in the form of compostable material, i.e. landscape waste and food waste that was 100% composted at Compost Supply Inc. and sold to consumers and local farmers as fertilizer.  68,000 pounds was diverted from landfills in the form of white good and metal recycling that was sold to local metal recyclers to be melted back into raw steel to be re-manufactured.  All in all we diverted a total of 5,337,000 pounds of non-hazardous waste from being landfilled, equaling a 24.7 % diversion rate of the gross volume we collected.  We are very happy with these totals and give a lot of credit to our customers for participating whenever possible as well as our staff for helping to properly educate our customer base on how to increase our diversion rate.  We are shooting for a 27% diversion rate for the 2012 calendar year and feel that it is a reasonable goal, not only will we be diverting our waste from being landfilled, we will be able to keep the costs of waste hauling down for our loyal customer base.  Check out our services section for all of the materials that we recycle for residential and commercial waste pickup.  Thank You, Shawn McDowell CEO.

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