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Subscription Residential Service

Complete Sanitation is dedicated to providing the best possible service and has quickly become the Fox Valley waste and recyling service leader in your area. We have established routes that allows for dependable pick-up times and take great pride in keeping your neighborhoods beautiful.

Residential Curbside Pickup

Refuse: Residential curbside pickup allows for the unlimited collection of your weekly generated household waste. Above and beyond your normal refuse accumulation, we will pickup either one large item, up to three (3) cans of construction material, or 300 Square feet of bundled carpet and padding at no additional cost. Please have all items in cans or bags to ensure the cleanliness of your area as well as the safety of our drivers. If you do not have containers, we will provide you with a 96-gallon collection toter that is easily wheeled to the curb on your collection day, a $2 monthly charge per toter will apply.

* All waste cans need to be less than 50 pounds in total weight to ensure the safety of our drivers.
* All waste and recycling should be placed curbside no later than 6 AM on your collection day to ensure pickup.
* Carpet, padding, and other construction material outside of containers must be bundled in sections no longer than five (5) feet in length and weighing no more than 40 pounds. Please remove all sharp objects, i.e. nails and staples to ensure the safety of our drivers.

Uncollectible Items: Items such as tires, chemicals, paints, oils, and batteries will not be collected with your weekly pickup. Please call the office with any questions regarding items that are banned from pickup or were left on your service day: 630-552-9640.

Yard Waste: Yard waste will be collected on your normal service day from April 1st thru November 30th. Yard waste must be placed in approved bio-degradable paper bags and have been labeled with one yard waste sticker from Complete Sanitation. Yard waste will not be collected if there are foreign items, i.e. plastic, glass, or aluminum, mixed in with the contents. Stickers can be purchased through our office at a cost of $2.50 per sticker.

Electronic Waste: E-Waste: New Illinois legislation, SENATE BILL 2313, bans certain types of electronics waste starting January 1, 2012. This means our collection trucks will no longer be able to pick up these items at the curb or be placed in our dumpsters/toters for disposal at a landfill. These items cannot be placed in your regular Co-mingled recyclable containers, they must be processed through state approved recycle centers and tracked on a per item basis by manufacturer. “This electronics ban” includes tv’s of all makes and sizes including tube type tv’s, flat screen and rear projection. This ban also includes computers (all types), printers and monitors. Other e-waste that is now banned includes but is not limited to: Cell Phones, Computer Cables, Mouses, Keyboards, Fax Machines, MP3 Players, PDA’s, Video Game Consoles, Video Cassette Recorders/Players, Digital Video Disk Player/Any Digital Devices, Zip Drives, or Scanners. Please reference our website for full details of Program.

Large Item Collection: One large item will collected along with your regular waste on your collection day. Large items must be lifted into the trucks by our drivers, so they must not exceed 80 pounds in weight.

Recycling: Unlimited collection of household recycling is included in our curbside collection program. Please place all recyclables in containers marked "Recycling only" opposite your refuse, at the curbside on your collection day. If you do not have a recycling container we will provide one for you free of charge. If you would like a 96-gallon collection cart for your recycling, a $2 monthly rental fee will be charged to your account.

*There currently is no fee to dispose of these items in the following ways.

Out of Kendall County/City of Plano Residents: At the Complete Sanitation Facility in Plano: Free Drop-Off Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM (710 E. South St.)

Kendall County Residents: Yorkville Public Works Facility: Free Drop-Off Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM (610 Tower Lane) AND Oswego Public Works (2nd & 4th) Saturday of Each Month 8:00 AM to 11 AM (100 Theodore Drive).

****If you have a large item that you cannot transport we will pick it for you for a $25.00 fee on the last Friday of each month, you will need to call the office to schedule a pickup.****



Acceptable Recycing Items:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Metal and Tin Cans
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Clear and Colored Glass
  • White and Colored Paper
  • Computer Printout Paper
  • Copy and Fax Paper
  • Envelopes with or without Windows
  • Magazines, Newspapers, Newspaper Inserts
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Chipboard Boxes (Cereal Boxes)
  • Telephone Books or any Bound Books

Any Item not listed should be considered NON RECYCLABLE

Non Acceptable Recycling Items:

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Bottle Caps
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Ceramics
  • Flat Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Oil Containers
  • Paint Cans
  • Binders
  • Styrofoam
  • Paper Towel, Napkins, Facial Tissue

Any Item not listed should be considered NON RECYCLABLE


About Complete Sanitation

Complete Sanitation LLC is a full service waste and recycling hauling company located in Plano, IL. We provide a comprehensive and cost-effective approach for all of your residential, commercial, and industrial waste and recycling needs. We offer full service comingle recycling programs as well as traditional waste removal.

Complete Sanitation operates a modern fleet of eco-freindly collection vehicles that ensures us to provide the most reliable service in the Fox Valley area.